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Together we turn the dream into reality

Numeriq Ltd is based in Edinburgh and Central Scotland. We work with innovative people, products and businesses. Established in 2004, Numeriq Ltd has over fourteen years of imagining, designing, and building smart software systems that exceed clients expectations.

Our open and honest approach, combined with care and attention to detail enables a true understanding of client requirements. Our expertise and experience results in practical, user friendly solutions.

How can we help?

  • We partner with design agencies who want to deliver something more than a website to their clients.
  • We work together with larger organisations to complement or supplement their in-house resources.
  • We help technology companies to support and develop their products and services.
  • We collaborate with individuals who want to bring their ideas to market.
  • We work with charities and other organisations, utilising technology to help them achieve their goals.

David Oxley
Director, Numeriq Ltd
February 2018

Tel: 07968 537 006

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Our services

Consultancy, Training, Mentoring, Computer Software Development, Website Development, Database Systems, E-commerce.

Our current clients and partners

Computer Game Developers, Property Developers, Estate Agents, Lawyers, Healthcare Professionals, Recruitment Agencies, Arts And Crafts Organisations, Artists, Marketing Companies, Photographers, Music Companies, Digital Media Agencies, Graphic Designers, Charities, Academic Institutions, Professional Associations, Technology Companies, and Agricultural Organisations.